WTF is this thing?
EarlyBrd is a simple notification service for Upwork jobs. We believe that speed isn't everything but it's a key-factor in winning new business.

I used to send proposal after proposal on Upwork and never get replies. Then, I found out that I could get alerts on Upwork jobs. I was soon getting notifications every couple hours and sending tons of proposals everyday. On top of that -- I was winning the jobs. Clients didn't want to mess around and evaluate 20 different freelancers over a week. They want their problems solved today. Maybe within the hour that they post. Having this ability to talk to the right clients that were qualified and ready to purchase was invaluable. I had a super power. I thought others might be interested in doing this -- the rest is history.

How much is it?
$14.99 per month $9.99 for the first 50 users!

What does that get me?
EarlyBrd subscription includes unlimited monitoring and near-instant notifications via email of Freelance jobs matching your criteria. Want to send notifications else-where? email us and we'll try to make it happen

Why do you say near-instant?

Jobs can take 3-5 minutes to alert, this isn't an EarlyBrd limitation, but a limitation of the frequency at which jobs are posted via RSS. In our experience, this small delay doesn't usually matter since your competition probably isn't getting notifications and employers receiving proposals a second after they post a job are suspicious.

Can I get jobs sent somewhere else?

We are developing new endpoints to send job notifications to! It's not supported in our frontend, but we can send jobs anywhere you'd like that has an API or webhook. Email us and we can enable your account to send notifications to Slack, Trello, or a custom Webhook you provide free-of-charge.

But what if my competition is also getting job notifications?

That's always possible! EarlyBrd alone won't win you the job -- your past experience and skills will. We are striving to create a platform for Freelancers and Agencies to have greater visibility and management into jobs as they are posted.

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