Frequently Asked Questions

What is EarlyBrd??

EarlyBrd is a simple notification service for Upwork. I was frustrated that I had to constantly monitor Upwork for jobs that matched my skillset so I could apply right as it was posted. I believe that speed isn't everything but it's a key-factor in winning new proposals.

Why'd you build this?

I used to send proposal after proposal on Upwork and never got any replies. Then, I found out that I could set up my own alerts on Upwork jobs. I was soon getting emails every couple hours and suddently sending tons of proposals everyday. Better still -- I was winning the jobs.

Clients didn't want to mess around and interview 20 different freelancers over a week. They want their problems solved today. Maybe event within the hour! Having the ability to talk to clients that were ready to hire and at the right time was invaluable. I had a super power. I thought others might be interested in getting their own Upwork alerts -- the rest is history.

How much is it?

Our simple, no commitment pricing is 19.99 per month

Check out our pricing page here to upgrade today

Can I get jobs sent somewhere other than my email?

We're always working on new features and new places to send EarlyBrd Alerts.
Email us here if you have a request

But what if my competition is also getting job notifications?

It's possible! EarlyBrd alone won't win you the job -- your past experience and skills as a freelancer will. We strive to create a tool for Freelancers and Agencies to have greater visibility and management into jobs as they are posted.

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